Taylor Marine's April 2023 Ship Course Triumph

April 2023

We were thrilled to welcome a group of enthusiastic professionals to Taylor Marine's Ship Familiarisation Course in April 2023. This immersive experience provided eight attendees with a remarkable hands-on understanding of ship operations, including visits to the bridge, engine-room, steering, and cargo handling areas of various vessel typs. Our journey also included stops at Cammel Laird dry-docks, the Port of Liverpool container base, and cruise terminals, offering a comprehensive insight into the maritime world.

We extent our heartfelt gratitude to our valued clients and dedicated partners, whose unwavernig support makes these enriching courses possible.

As one attendee aptly put it, "All brilliant! Incredible knowledgeable, explained things really well, clearly and in simple terms, and made it fun! Thanks very much."

Drop-us a line if you'd like to join us on future courses!