Weather-restricted sea transports for heavy lift ships

October 2018

The growing tendency of increase in weight and size of project cargoes calls for advanced methods to facilitate the transport of cargo overseas in a safe and efficient manner.  Normally, large and heavy project cargo stowed on a heavy lift ship is secured and lashed according to regulations laid down in Annex 13 of IMO's CSS Code.

Standard procedure is to calculate the forces acting on each cargo item by multiplying the mass of the cargo item with design accelerations tabulated in Annex 13.  Those design accelerations represent maxium values that the cargo would go through during a winter crossing of the North Atlantic, where the most severe sea conditions of all oceans are assumed. 

Consequently, the cargo and its lashing gear is loaded by the highest and steepest occuring waves of the most severe sea area and the worst season of the year.

Read the full article on weather-restricted sea transports for heavy lift ships written by our Naval Architect Helge Rathje for Skuld, by following the link below.